4 Errors to Avoid When Choosing a Company to Produce Your Explainer Videos

Producing a quality explainer video that will have a high impact on your website and sales requires a lot of investment. You have to take time in choosing the company to contract for production of wooing video that will place you ahead of your competitors and also boost your SEO ranking. The selection process is not an easy task. 

In fact, if you aren’t careful, you can easily fall into the hands of fraudster where you will lose your money, and you won’t get a video at the end. Also, while making mistakes is a usual learning process, only fools repeat who never learn from other people’s shortfalls. In this essence, here are the 4 killer errors to avoid when selecting an explainer video production company:

i. Falling to check the company’s history

While history does not mean quality production, a company that has been in existence for a more extended period has extensive knowledge of the video production niche. Probably, such a company has worked on several video projects that required varying styles and techniques. Also, its staff’s must be in possession of quality and competent skills in the video production niche.

Ensuring you are on the safe side requires that you check on the history of the company and the type of videos they have worked on during their lifetime. Otherwise ignoring this will land you in the hands of new and inexperienced firms that will produce low-quality videos.

ii. Not checking the customization feature in the packages offered

Most of the time webpreneurs contracting an explainer video project fail to check on the content of the package offered to them. Due to a desire to save on cost, they go for the most affordable packages. As you know, cheap is expensive. While taking this route may help them to save on their budget, it increases their cost in the long run as they will have to spend extra cash on other promotional strategies.

To Avoid falling into the same pit, it is essential for you to determine the kind of customizations you need and check whether the company has a package offering the same.

For instance, if you want an explainer video combining character animations and motion graphics, you should ensure what you pay for will contain this content. Otherwise, you might be paying for one thing, but you get another thing at the end. So, it is important to check the customization features in every package before you assign your video project contract.

iii. Failing to work within their budget

In every business, you always have several goals which you achieve within a given period.  All the goals must work within the budgetary restrictions without harming or affecting other operations. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs fail to recognize the rule of operating within their means. In this regard, they select an explainer production company that is charging prices beyond their reach. In the end, they suffer from large marketing cost without equal results or benefits.

Thus, to avoid such an occurrence in your business, you should always approach the companies offering what you can afford. Always remember that your business is on the growth trend. As such, one day you will have the budget suitable for contracting expensive video production companies. For now, just play in your business league.

iv. Lacking a plan for the video use

Due to the growing perception that video marketing is the 21st sales driver, every webpreneur is approaching a video production company. Most entrepreneurs do not have a plan on which kind of explainer video they want. All they need is a video on their site. Do not copy them. On your case, always have a plan on how you will use the video before approaching a producer. Remember, good planning results in success.

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